What if a child in need offered you his English book to thank you for giving him a pair of shoes to play soccer? What if this was the story that inspired Maxime Mussard to start a new brand based on an obvious reality:

‘‘When the most modest people are often the most generous, we need to challenge our self centered mentality and help those in need. It is our generation’s duty to be active and make a change.’’ – Maxime

 It was in 2009, that the twins Alexandre & Maxime, and one of their friend Louis-Felix De Fenoyl, created the concept of Twins for Peace. A French lifestyle brand that aims to promote humanitarian values through its shoes, clothes and accessories.


Being cool is about being good- kind, human, generous. We are a brand without pretension. We want to make sneakers that are timeless, simple yet elegant. 100% made in Europe using the finest quality materials, Twins for Peace is always looking for ways to innovate their designs and ideas surrounding the brand. With 2 collections a year and collaborations with like-minded artists and designers, everyone can find their own ‘cool’.

Proceeds from sales are directed to help children all over the world.

For every pair of shoe purchased, we donate a locally and sustainably produced shoe in a country we have chosen for a “Shoe Project”. In addition, a percentage of our sales in accessories go to funding the development of education programs and our clothes help fund accessibility to healthcare. Needless to say, we take being good very seriously and wherever we go, we hand deliver these items in conjunction with humanitarian organizations with deep working knowledge of the country. We are invested in these kids for the long term.



What is a ‘‘Shoe Project’’?

Every year we arrange in partnership with humanitarian organizations a ‘‘Shoe Project’’ in a particular country. We only work with foundations that have strong roots to the country that knows its needs well and we implement a 3-step process:

Support local economy: we only employ local producers to make our shoes

Hand delivery of shoes: We match all shoe purchases made that year and personally deliver the locally made shoes to a community

Long-term growth support: Once implemented, we continually invest in education and healthcare to help break the poverty cycle

So far we have donated over 10,000 shoes through our Shoe Projects.