"We make cool shoes that help children"

What started as a philanthropic project from a single canvas shoe has

grown over the past 5 years to include a men and women’s line as well as

clothing and accessories. We’re excited to see Twins for Peace grow with a

new children’s collection along with fresh and inspiring collaborations.

Of course none of this would be possible, without your kindness and

support. It is our passion and your generosity, that motivates us to keep

creating and giving.

At Twins for Peace, we believe that it is everyone’s duty to help improve

lives of those less fortunate. Social and environmental issues are becoming

an ever increasing concern and while the world continues to debate on best

practices, we’re taking action at Twins for Peace and playing our part to

foster impactful progress.

Take a moment to glance through what Twins for Peace is doing to help and

how your goodness has benefited others. To those new to our brand, we

thank you for taking the time to learn more about our